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This is why the 2A means something

If WWIII comes, will you be ready?

Why US "justice" is irrelevant

Constant attacks on Christianity prove left is anti-God

Politics - the same as it's always been

Public/private - distinction disappearing

Out of control cops need to pay for their actions

Eliminating RINOs will support the Constitution

Apology not accepted, Ebony Magazine

Why the lies about flight 370?

Police state "theory" continues to be proven fact

Screw the feds and anyone who supports "amnesty"
Every Day Carry

Bug Out Basics

Packing Your Bug Out Bag

Fire Starting Equipment & Techniques

Debris  huts

Land Navigation

Finding water

Introduction to food and water storage

Self Aid - Application of the CAT

Stepping up from debris huts

Pumping water without power

Basic off grid electric source
Honor and Remember

Citizens Action Network

NM Urban Homesteader

III% Patriots

Smart Cord

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